Tracking issues

nearcore uses so-called "tracking issues" to coordinate larger pieces of work (e.g. implementation of new NEPs). Such issues are tagged with the C-tracking-issue label.

The goal of tracking issues is to serve as a coordination point. They can help new contributors and other interested parties come up to speed with the current state of projects. As such, they should link to things like design docs, todo-lists of sub-issues, existing implementation PRs, etc.

One can further use tracking issues to:

  • get a feeling for what's happening in nearcore by looking at the set of open tracking issues.
  • find larger efforts to contribute to as tracking issues usually contain up-for-grab to-do lists.
  • follow the progress of specific features by subscribing to the issue on GitHub.

If you are leading or participating in a larger effort, please create a tracking issue for your work.


  • Tracking issues should be maintained in the nearcore repository. If the projects are security sensitive, then they should be maintained in the nearcore-private repository.
  • The issues should be kept up-to-date. At a minimum, all new context should be added as comments, but preferably the original description should be edited to reflect the current status.
  • The issues should contain links to all the relevant design documents which should also be kept up-to-date.
  • The issues should link to any relevant NEP if applicable.
  • The issues should contain a list of to-do tasks that should be kept up-to-date as new work items are discovered and other items are done. This helps others gauge progress and helps lower the barrier of entry for others to participate.
  • The issues should contain links to relevant Zulip discussions. Prefer open forums like Zulip for discussions. When necessary, closed forums like video calls can also be used but care should be taken to document a summary of the discussions.
  • For security-sensitive discussions, use the appropriate private Zulip streams.

This issue is a good example of how tracking issues should be maintained.


The idea of tracking issues is also used to track project work in the Rust language. See this post for a rough description and these issues for how they are used in Rust.