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Provides context for contract execution, including information about transaction sender, etc.


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Static accountBalance

  • get accountBalance(): u128

Static accountLockedBalance

  • get accountLockedBalance(): u128
  • Returns the current locked balance of the sender account. This amount will be greater than zero if the account is staking.

    Returns u128

Static attachedDeposit

  • get attachedDeposit(): u128

Static blockIndex

  • get blockIndex(): u64

Static blockTimestamp

  • get blockTimestamp(): u64

Static contractName

  • get contractName(): string

Static epochHeight

  • get epochHeight(): u64

Static predecessor

  • get predecessor(): string
  • Account ID of predecessor. It is either the another contract that called it in case of a cross-contract call, or the account that signed the transaction if it was called from the transaction.

    Returns string

Static prepaidGas

  • get prepaidGas(): u64

Static receivedAmount

  • get receivedAmount(): u128

Static sender

  • get sender(): string

Static senderPublicKey

  • get senderPublicKey(): string

Static storageUsage

  • get storageUsage(): u64

Static usedGas

  • get usedGas(): u64
  • Get the amount of gas (in units of gas) that was already burnt during the contract execution and attached to promises (cannot exceed prepaid gas).

    Returns u64

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