deps?: {
    keyStore: KeyStore;

Backward-compatibility for older versions

Type declaration

headers?: {
    [key: string]: string | number;

NEAR RPC API headers. Can be used to pass API KEY and other parameters.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string | number
helperUrl?: string

NEAR Contract Helper url used to create accounts if no master account is provided



initialBalance?: string

The balance transferred from the NearConfig#masterAccount to a created account



jsvmAccountId?: string

JVSM account ID for NEAR JS SDK

keyPath?: string

Initialize an InMemoryKeyStore by reading the file at keyPath.

keyStore?: KeyStore

Holds KeyPair for signing transactions

logger?: false | LoggerService

Specifies the logger to use. Pass false to turn off logging.

masterAccount?: string

The account to use when creating new accounts



networkId: string

KeyPair are stored in a KeyStore under the networkId namespace.

nodeUrl: string

NEAR RPC API url. used to make JSON RPC calls to interact with NEAR.

provider?: Provider

Specifies NEAR RPC API connections, and is used to make JSON RPC calls to interact with NEAR


walletUrl?: string

NEAR wallet url used to redirect users to their wallet in browser applications.

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