Account implementation which redirects to wallet using WalletConnection when no local key is available.




accountId: string
connection: Connection
walletConnection: WalletConnection


  • Helper function returning the access key (if it exists) to the receiver that grants the designated permission


    • receiverId: string

      The NEAR account seeking the access key for a transaction

    • actions: Action[]

      The action(s) sought to gain access to

    • Optional localKey: PublicKey

      A local public key provided to check for access

    Returns Promise<any>

  • Check if given access key allows the function call or method attempted in transaction


    • accessKey: any

      Array of {access_key: AccessKey, public_key: PublicKey} items

    • receiverId: string

      The NEAR account attempting to have access

    • actions: Action[]

      The action(s) needed to be checked for access

    Returns Promise<boolean>

  • Parameters

    • publicKey: string | PublicKey

      A public key to be associated with the contract

    • Optional contractId: string

      NEAR account where the contract is deployed

    • Optional methodNames: string | string[]

      The method names on the contract that should be allowed to be called. Pass null for no method names and '' or [] for any method names.

    • Optional amount: bigint

      Payment in yoctoⓃ that is sent to the contract during this function call

    Returns Promise<FinalExecutionOutcome>



    expand this API to support more options.

  • Create a new account and deploy a contract to it


    • contractId: string

      NEAR account where the contract is deployed

    • publicKey: string | PublicKey

      The public key to add to the created contract account

    • data: Uint8Array

      The compiled contract code

    • amount: bigint

      of NEAR to transfer to the created contract account. Transfer enough to pay for storage

    Returns Promise<Account>

  • Finds the AccessKeyView associated with the accounts PublicKey stored in the Keystore.


    • receiverId: string

      currently unused (see todo)

    • actions: Action[]

      currently unused (see todo)

    Returns Promise<{
        accessKey: AccessKeyView;
        publicKey: PublicKey;

    { publicKey PublicKey; accessKey: AccessKeyView }


    Find matching access key based on transaction (i.e. receiverId and actions)

  • Returns a list of authorized apps

    Returns Promise<{
        authorizedApps: AccountAuthorizedApp[];


    update the response value to return all the different keys, not just app keys.

  • Returns the NEAR tokens balance and validators of a given account that is delegated to the staking pools that are part of the validators set in the current epoch.

    NOTE: If the tokens are delegated to a staking pool that is currently on pause or does not have enough tokens to participate in validation, they won't be accounted for.

    Returns Promise<ActiveDelegatedStakeBalance>

  • Compose and sign a SignedDelegate action to be executed in a transaction on behalf of this Account instance


    • options: SignedDelegateOptions

      Options for the transaction.

    Returns Promise<SignedDelegate>

  • Returns the state (key value pairs) of this account's contract based on the key prefix. Pass an empty string for prefix if you would like to return the entire state.


    • prefix: string | Uint8Array

      allows to filter which keys should be returned. Empty prefix means all keys. String prefix is utf-8 encoded.

    • Optional blockQuery: BlockReference

      specifies which block to query state at. By default returns last "optimistic" block (i.e. not necessarily finalized).

    Returns Promise<{
        key: Buffer;
        value: Buffer;

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